Paper Layers

initial storyboard idea

This is a stop motion piece inspired by the work of Bianca Chang. I had never seen work like this before and could only find examples of what she had done. This influenced me to use this style as it is unique and attention grabbing.

final design cut out with the pile of cut outs next to it

The process was difficult and hands on; cutting 32 layers of paper was long and tiresome but also something I enjoyed doing, overcoming the challenge was really rewarding in the end. Figuring out the balance between how many layers it was going to take and keeping the workload down was something I could apply to other projects and a great learning experience.


It started with sketching out a design that fit my personal style the would also keep the project easy to execute since it was my first time trying this technique.

sketch used for scanning

The process of digitizing the sketch and figuring out how much of the design should show on each layer of paper was very difficult and time consuming to get right. I needed to find the right balance between how many layers it was going to take and keeping the workload down, due to time restraints.

digitized sketch with layer lines

I narrowed it down to 32 layers which I printed and cut by hand. 12 hours later I was ready to shoot the scene.

photo of the setup of the scene

I figured out that 8fps would be a nice frame rate that lengthened the project to 3 seconds. I shot it at 3 angles to extend the length of the video and to make it more interesting. Putting the video together was quick because of prior planning. Since the frame rate was low I chose to use the sound of a movie reel clicking to give it an old feel but also because I could match the clicks to the frame changes.

still from the video