initial storyboard idea

The project brief was: To animate a scene with depth. Animation Subject matter is up to you. Output format is up to you.

This project was very open so to give it some purpose I decided it would be a promotional video. I started researching comic book animations and noticed they all seemed similar. Usually action scenes with superheroes. To do something different I picked a Japanese manga that falls under the drama genre.


As part of the research I read the whole series while taking note of panels that would work well for parallax animation and tell the over all story without giving too much away.

sketch used for scanning

I started to storyboard how each panel was going to appear, thinking I could have 8 panels fit on screen with parallax happening and text telling the story. Once I moved to After Effects and saw what was going on I knew I needed to rethink it all. I was trying to add too much all at once and it was just a cluttered mess.

digitized sketch with layer lines

After refining the assets and rethinking how the animation was going to flow; I got a more minimal animation with more impact that stayed true to the flow of the story.

photo of the setup of the scene

I knew music would play an important role in this project. I needed something that represented the main characters lonely struggle. I had a few songs lined up, one being Closer by Nine Inch Nails because of the way he sings “Help me”. I ended up using the end of the song for it's weaker distressed sound, perfectly portraying the character.

still from the video